top view of fresh chicken egg in nest on wooden surface, panoramic shot

Tips for keeping backyard chickens—Insights from our experience.

A great coop will make keeping chickens easier, but chicken safety and comfort is never a given. The information below will help you to keep your chickens as secure and cozy as they can be! 

Keeping Chickens Safe
  • Keeping Chickens Safe 
  1. Full free-ranging of chickens is a risk. If you plan to let your chickens roam, keep a watchful eye while they’re out. 
  2. Use latches on your coop to secure the nesting box and chicken doors, especially at night. 
  3. Glance around your coop before the chickens go in at night—make sure unwanted guests haven’t found their way in!
  4. Regularly inspect the ground around your coop and fill any holes predators may have made. 
Best Coop Placement for Chicken Comfort
  • Keeping Chickens Comfortable 
  1. Place your coop in the shade—we strongly recommend that both the main coop and run are shaded to keep temperatures down in the Summer.
  2. Keep an eye on airflow and temperature inside the coop. Chickens don’t mind chilly weather, but can be uncomfortable in extreme heat. Be sure that your coop has sufficient ventilation, and that ambient temperatures remain below 80° Fahrenheit.