Chicken Coop Kits

Assemble an Iconic Amish Hen-Home in Your Own Backyard

Each of our Coop Kits are hand-built by skilled Amish craftsmen in Lancaster, PA. With your hens’ safety and comfort in mind, we only build with durable materials that hold-up for decades. In just 2-4 hours, you can assemble a classic Amish hen-home that’s built to last!

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How many chickens will live here?

Select the number of chickens that will live in your new coop. This tool will direct you to the right coop models for your flock. 


*Larger breeds can require extra space-per-chicken. For large breeds, it’s best to home fewer chickens than the recommended for each model.

**We approximate coop-capacity based on customer reports and our own experiences. 

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Amish Quality Craftsmanship and Best Quality Materials

Why Our Coop Kits?

adorable, fuzzy, yellow baby chickens - two baby chickens looking at one another, maybe contemplating the copy below. They are a light yellow with the cutest orange feet and little beady black eyes.

Each of our coops is carefully designed and hand-crafted in the USA. We use durable wood, siding, and roofing materials to give you decades of low-maintenance hen housing. 

Fresh eggs and happy hens are in your future! We’ve got you and your chickens covered. 


We Know Chickens

We bring decades of chicken-keeping experience to our designs—we know what keeps hens healthy, safe, and cozy year-round. The people who make your coop use the same coops for their backyard flocks. 


Built-In Essentials & Predator Protection

We don’t charge extra for the little things. All of our models come packaged with everything you need to get started with your backyard flock. We also provide free predator-proofing with each kit.


Great Materials, Built to Last

We use high-performing engineered wood and top-quality metals to ensure our customers have insect-resistant, low-maintenance coops. 


Thanks to the materials we use, your coop’s original paint will last up-to 15 years. We also offer a 50-year warranty against mold and rot. 


We’re Here to Help

Whether you need help finding the best coop for you, or want to know more about coop assembly and maintenance, our customer service team is here for you! 


Please enjoy shopping on our website. For questions and feedback, please email us at [email protected]

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From Crate to Built Coop Before & After

See what a coop looks like before and after assembly!

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Predator Proof, Secure and a Wonderful Home for Backyard Hens

We offer Many Styles to Choose from and Many Colors as well as Options & Options Packages to Add-On

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For the DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Maker & Improver - Here are Options for Chicken Runs, Auto Doors and More.

Here you will find coop accessories to add convenience, like the automatic chicken door or lighting options. Also, there is our innovative Portable Chicken Runs that fold-up neatly. You can move your safe chicken space around in your backyard.

As always, we use SecureWire™ on our chicken runs and you can buy it here in rolls. We offer many size options for you to choose from.