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Amish craftsmen make each chicken coop kit by hand in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Designed and built by people who know a whole lot about raising healthy hens. You can be certain your chickens will be safe and your coop will last for many years to come.

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Amish Quality Craftmanship and Best Quality Materials

Why Our Coops?


If you are looking for a thoughtfully designed coop that is made in the USA, by skilled Amish craftsmen, and the best in quality materials for a long lasting chicken coop kit, you need to look no further. We have got you covered...and your chickens too! 

Our coop designs are based on many years of chicken keeping and coop making experience. The people who make you coop, make their own and if they aren't the same thing! It is a good thing you found the right builders for your new coop, especially if it is your first coop. We will guide you along the way to getting exactly what you need - no more, no less. 

Skilled Amish labor from Lancaster, Pennsylvania is certainly a key to our great chicken coops. Amish men are trained from generation to generation in craft and Amish values of hard work and doing the job right. 

Materials cannot be left out of the equation when formulating the perfect chicken coop. Newer materials in fact do offer many benefits. For insect resistance and lower maintenance, you cannot beat engineered wood siding. And that is exactly what we use on the sides of our coops. Repainting only needs to happen every 15 years or so. There is a 50 year manufacturer's warranty against mold and rot too. These coops were created for the long haul!

Chicken Coop Kits

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Your Handmade Amish Chicken Coop Kit Delivered to Your Home for Customers in the Contiguous United States (Lower 48).

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Fun Before and After Slider Shows What Your Coop Looks Like in the Crate when it Arrives and What it Will Look Like After it is Built.

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