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3 Things All Chicken Keepers Should Know

Finding a coop that’ll keep your hens safe and happy may seem daunting. Fear not! Here are a few facts that might help you through the process. 


  •  Your Hens’ Safety is Key. 

Chickens are extremely vulnerable to a wide range of predators. Raccoons may enter through open windows; hawks might swoop down for a meal in the middle of the day. No matter your locale, something wants to eat your hens. 


Predators are smart, but you can be smarter. Begin by protecting your hens with a sturdy, well-maintained coop and a closed chicken run. Avoid leaving windows open at night, and keep an eye out for gaps in your coops’ wire siding. 

  • Chickens Thrive in Cool Environments. 

Thanks to their layered plumage and high internal temperatures, most chickens can withstand cool (even freezing) outdoor temperatures. Extreme heat, however, might kill your chickens. 


To keep your chickens healthy and comfortable in all seasons, ensure that your coop has consistent airflow that keeps ambient temperatures below 80° Fahrenheit. 

  • Two years from now, you may have more chickens!

Your hens will lay eggs for about 18 months, but can live from 5-10 years! Unless you plan to turn your chickens into soup (unlikely for the backyard pet chicken), you’ll need to acquire more hens every year or so. When choosing a coop, consider how your flock might grow over the next few years.

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