Benecoop™ Home & Garden Coop Kit

The complete high quality, handmade, Amish backyard chicken coop includes everything you need in a hen house. It has the added benefit of an attached run for convenience and chicken safety. Roost bars, nest boxes, insulated metal roof, chicken door and chicken ramp as well as two locking people doors. All of the important safety features are included like SecureWire™ Super over the windows, around the run and on the run.

Colors & Materials

  • Siding

    Sweet Cream
  • Trim

  • Roof

    New Penny
  • Siding Material

    Engineered Wood with 50 yr Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Trim Material

    Engineered Wood with 50 yr Manufacturer's Warranty
  • Roofing Material

    Insulated Metal Roof with 30 yr Manufacturer's Warranty

Benecoop™ Home & Garden Coop Kit

Quality Handmade Amish Chicken Coops with Runs
Houses 4 to 8 Chickens
Save $200 Now

'+ FREE PREDATOR PROOFING - SecureWire™ Super on Slider Windows, Chicken Run, Around Chicken Run and on Vent Opening




  • Chicken Door with Chicken Ramp
  • Keyed, Locking Person Door
  • Durable, Scrap-able Engineered Wood Floor
  • (6) Six Nesting Boxes (3-4 chickens like to share)
  • (2) Two Roosting Bars


  • (2) Two Predator Proofed Windows that Open with Screens
  • Predator Proofed Ventilation Lid
  • Predator Proofed Chicken Run with Wire Under Run


  • Wood Studs
  • Engineered Wood Siding with 50 yr Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • SecureWire™ Super on Windows -  1/2” x 1/2” Opening Vinyl Coated Galvanized Wire
  • 40 yr Insulated Metal Roof
  • Pressure Treated Legs and Runners - mean coop can sit directly on the flat ground.


  • Large Section Pieces
  • Requires a Drill
  • Requires Two Strong People to Build

Overall Size of Coop with Attached Run: 4’ x 8’
Coop Size: 4’ x 4’
Run Size: 4’ x 4’
Shipping Crate Dimensions 80” x 64” x 60”
Weight with Shipping Crate 698 lbs

Ground Preparation

Preparing the Ground for a New Chicken House

Preparing for delivery may be a whole lot easier than you imagined. Your new coop only requires a flat, well drained surface to sit on. Grass is fine. Water should not drain towards it or pool around the bottom of the coop (that would be harmful to your chickens as well).

The pressure treated legs and runners will last for years and years on the ground without anything else under them. If you prefer for your coop to sit on a base - cinderblocks, gravel or concrete is fine. The primary concern is prolonged exposure to moisture so water must have an escape and it must not collect around the base of the coop. See, easy breezy!


Normally your chicken coop will arrive in about three to six weeks from your order date. However, we are currently 14 to 16 weeks out on handmade coops. It may be sooner if we happen to have a truck rolling your way, but no promises at the moment.

Your coop will be delivered curbside on a pallet, packed in a large crate. The crate must be pulled apart in order for you to access the large sections of the coop that are to be assembled.

We will communicate via email all delivery information as it becomes available. 

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Front View

of Kit Chicken Coop when Built

  • Everything You Need is Included to Start Backyard Chicken Keeping for 4 to 8 Chickens

    • 4' x 4' Chicken Coop (16 sq ft)
    • 4' x 4' Attached, Covered Chicken Run with Additional 4' x 4' Space Under Run (32 sq ft total)
    • (4) Nesting Boxes for Hens to Lay Eggs (Hens Most Often Share Nest Boxes - It is Their Preference to have Three to Four Hens per Nest Box)
    • (1) Roosting Bar for Sleeping

  • Keeping Chicken Safe - Predators Proofing a Chicken Coop

    Here is What Our Coops have to Keep Your Chickens Safe

    • SecureWire™ Super, 1/2" x 1/2" Vinyl Coated, Galvanized Predator Protection Wire
      • Under the Chicken Run - to Prevent Nasty Critters from Burrowing Up Under the Coop and Attacking Chickens
      • On the Slider Windows that Open - To Prevent Animals like Raccoons from Threatening Your Chickens.
      • On the Ventilation Lid - Just One More Level of Security
    Read More About What You Can Do to Keep Your Chickens Safe


(2) Slider Windows that Open and have Screens

Exterior Egg Access is Conveniently Located in the Front of the Coop at a Height Most Children Can Reach Too.

Person Entry Door into Run with Keyed Lock

SecureWire™ Super Over Windows for Chicken Safety. The High Quality Wire Product is Vinyl Coated and Galvanized with Small 1/2" x 1/2" Openings for the Highest Level of Predator Protection for Your Flock

Back View

of Kit Chicken Coop when Built


Ventilation Opening in the Open Position. This Opening is Great for Getting Airflow through the Chicken Coop, (Especially when the Windows are Open). It Also Closes Snuggly So the Coop Won't Be Drafty in the Winter. Oh, and that Great Safety Feature - SecureWire™ Super to Keep All the Critters Out!

Insulated Metal Roof with 40 Year Manufacturer's Warranty to Keep Chickens Warmer in Winter & Cooler in Summer.

Chicken Door and Chicken Ramp. Chicken Door Latches Securely Open and Closed.

Wire Under the Run is a Solution to Keep Burrowing Predators Out. It Replaces the Need to Trench and Bury Wire Around the Perimeter of Your Chicken Run. SecureWire™ Super is Standard on this Coop so Both You and Your Chickens Can Sleep Easy at Night. 

Engineer Wood Siding with a 50 Year Manufacturer's Warranty. It is Primed and then Painted Twice. Maintenance Means Repainting it Every 15 Years or So.

  • More Important Than Most Think - Keeping Chickens Cool

    We know what is important to you and to your chickens. Heating is the concern of most new chicken keepers so you might be surprised to learn that cooling is oOften a much bigger issue. A chicken can die from too much heat but death from cold is less likely. If a chicken had her wish, temperatures would never be more than 50 degrees.

    Here is How Our Coop Helps Keep Your Chickens Cooler in Summer & Warmer in Winter
    • Insulated Metal Roof for Cooler Summers and Warmer Winters
    • Ventilation Opening that Seals to Keep More Heat In or Out
    • Two Slider Windows that Open in Order to Create a Cross Breeze with the Ventilation Opening.
    • Covered Run for Shade with a Lowered Area Under Run that will Usually Provide the Most Shade
    Read Move About What You Can Do to Keep Your Chickens Comfortable in Cold & Hot Weather

Side View

of Kit Chicken Coop when Built

  • Why This Coop?

    • Handmade Quality Amish Craftsmanship Goes into Every Chicken Coop Kit.
    • The Material We Use are the Best for Durably and Long Lasting Value.
    • Years and Years of Chicken Keeping Experience Inform the Design of Our Amish Coops. The Amish Folks Who Make Your Coop Use Them Too.

14" is the Perfect Height for Chickens and that is Just What We Do. We Make a 14" High Space for Chickens to Play and Hide. They Love It!

Ventilation Opening with Latch, Securely Closed

Entry Door to Coop with Keyed Lock

Pressure Treated Runners Mean This Coop Can Sit Directly on the Ground or on Grass - as Long as the Location is Flat and Water Runs Away from the Coop.

Detail Views

of Kit Chicken Coop

Interior of Coop - Roosting Bar
Interior of Coop - Roosting Bar
Interior of Coop - Nesting Boxes
Interior of Coop - Nesting Boxes
Shipping Crate
Shipping Crate

The Right Size Chicken Coop

As you surely know, it is important to have the right size chicken coop for your individual situation. There are a variety of factors to consider, such as:

  • Chicken Quantity
  • Chicken Size
  • Yard / Space Available
  • Climate Where You Live
  • Possibly, Where the Coop is Placed
  • How You will Range Your Chickens, and When
  • Your Preferences
  • Your Future Chicken Keeping Plans

We have assembled all the information we think will help you to make a good decision on chicken coop size. If you are still undecided when it comes to space for your hens, click the button and get the info you need!

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