Portable Chicken Runs

Portable chicken runs are an innovated concept in handmade Amish outdoor chicken ranging safety. Our wooden chicken runs are constructed from all real wood and fold to make them movable. We use high quality vinyl coated galvanized wire on our folding chicken pens. There are five sizes of our new movable chicken runs to choose from.

Folding features on the moveable chicken runs make them movable throughout the backyard. Chickens enjoy finding that great shady spot in the summer to keep cool. They love to explore that area of your yard that is yet untouched when their chicken keeper moves the portable chicken run from one area of the yard to another. Keep your chickens happy and entertained doing what backyard chickens do best.

One of the great pleasures for chickens is scratching and pecking the ground. They do this the find bugs to eat. How nice! Give your chickens fresh, new areas hang out in. It does a multitude of good for you as their trusty chicken keeper and for them as pampered chicken pets.

New area explored without a safe chicken run can be a hazard for chickens. Predators seem to come out of nowhere. Keep your beloved hens and roosters safe and sound inside a spacious and convenient movable chicken run. It is an ideal way to meet their needs and prevent harm from all types of critters that may look for a daytime snack. Oh – terrible!

New residential chicken keepers may not realize that chickens can tear up flower gardens and vegetable gardens. Keep chickens contained to save a lot of grief. Finding your happy hen trampling down your favorite petunia garden isn’t the epitome of a fine summer day. You can solve both predator issues and garden destruction issues with a simple portable chicken runs from Benecoop™.

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