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Kit Chicken Coop

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Everything You Need in a Coop is Included

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High Quality Materials

Wood Coops with Insulated Metal Roofs

Get the Right Size Chicken Coop for 1 to 12 Chickens

Select how many chickens you will keep from the circles below. Click on it and you will go to a page that will either enable you to select from a category choice or directly to your coop recommendation. Then, all you need to do is pick one of the many color options and you can order your coop online, or by calling us.

Easy to Build Kits

Coops are delivered curbside on a pallet. It comes in large sections that may require two people to help carry. The good news is that because it is in large sections, building this coop kit is simple. It takes only a couple of hours to go from delivery to a completely built and ready to use chicken coop. You will have all the materials you need to make the perfect Amish chicken coop right in your own back yard. It only requires a screwdriver or drill and a hammer to put one of these babies together lickety-split! You are going to love your new chicken coop...and so will your chicks!

Chicken Coop Reviews

combination chicken coop with chicken run backyard coop for about 6 chickens with light cream paint with moss green trimmed windows and corners

This chicken coop is exactly what we were looking for and exactly as we thought it would be from the information on the website. Our kids will be able to go out in the mornings and collect eggs once our chickens are old enough to lay eggs. Building it wasn't bad. It took three of us a Saturday morning. Thank you for the best chicken coop ever!


in Tulsa, Oklahoma

combination chicken coop with coop and run in red and white with red wooden siding and white wooden trim around windows and at edge of hen house near chicken run and around border of door with barn door trimmed design.

If you are looking an awesome company to get a coop from, these people know what they are doing. This is my third coop and it is the best of all of them. You won't be sorry. 


in Elkton, Maryland

dreamy yellow color paint and fresh green trim and copper metal roof with insulation make this chicken coop look awesome - it is a designer style and include both the chicken coop and chicken run under one roof - it is very attractive and will work great for back yard chickens

I will give them a top rating or more on any review that comes my way. The product is exceptional. It was received earlier than expected. And, the customer service team answered all of my questions and saved me from some pitfalls. Yes! Get this coop!


Newport Beach, Virginia