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Coop Kits for 6 Chickens

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The Best in Backyard Amish Chicken Coop Kits for Six Chickens

Starting out with chickens can be daunting. Six is a common number of hens for new backyard chicken keepers to start with. We hope you LOVE eggs! You are going to have a lot of them for a while if all goes well. Check out our chicken coops that comfortably house 6 chickens. You will find many colors to choose from. These are great kits, very high quality and quick and easy to build. Email us with any questions you many have. We are happy to help. We ship all over the lower 48 United States and shipping is free or discounted. You are going to love this coop! Have fun shopping online for your coop or reading the helpful information we have posted for new chicken keepers. 

gorgeous white chicken coop for 9 chickens with metal roof

Depending on your unique situation and the size of your chickens, this coop could house more or less chickens than we estimate. Please use your own good judgement. Refer to our How Many Chickens? page for more data.

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    6 Chickens

Add-Ons for Chicken Coop Kits

DIY Chicken Coop Accessories

From SecureWire™ Super in Rolls for that Super Large Chicken Run You are Building to Auto Chicken Doors to Add that Touch of Convenience You Want, We Have the Basics You Need.

How are these coops the best coops for me?

Chicken Safety

Part of the chicken keeping experience going well is the safety of your laying hens. They need to be protected from predators - and there are so many. Whether you believe you have flying, walking, or burrowing chicken hunters nearby, or not, chances are very high that you do! That is why we offer high quality chicken coops and we don't stop there. Oh no...we add high quality wire in all the places that coops can make chickens vulnerable. We would not open a window with a screen and walk away from our chicken coop, and we don't think that you should either. That is why we use wire over our windows, and not just any wire. We use SecureWire™ Super. It is galvanized so it won't rust. It also has a vinyl coating that makes it look better, makes it stronger and protects the wire from the elements. It is great and it is a superb tool for keeping your chickens safe.

Keeping Chickens Warm - Actually, Let's Keep Them Comfortable & Happy!

Did you know that you may be more worried about this than need be? If you are like so many backyard chicken keepers we know, you are a caring soul. And, that means you would not want your chickens to be cold or uncomfortable. But you know that sometimes our best intentions can be harmful or ill-advised. In this case, the myth of chickens not liking or not doing well due to cold could actually make them pretty unhappy. Indeed, chickens prefer not to be hot! If a chicken could choose the weather, it would never be more than 50 degrees outside and perhaps even cloudy. Heat is more of a factor in most climates than cold will ever be. So warm them only if it is in the low 20s for a week or more. Cool them and give them shade when it gets over 50. They are fine in the summertime but your awareness of their need for circulating air and shade will make your flock so much more content.