Combination Chicken Coop Kits

Houses 4-8 Backyard Chickens Wonderfully!

Includes Everything You Need in a Chicken Coop & Chicken Run Too

  • Easy Win for Backyard Chicken Keeper Beginners and Seasoned Pros Alike
  • (4) Nesting Boxes, Smart Floor, Attached Enclosed Run with Roof, (2) Windows that Open, Locking Person Doors, Chicken Ramp, Roosting Bar, Insulated Roof, Ventilation Opening

Combination Chicken Coops and Runs

Chicken Coops with Runs are commonly called combination chicken coops, combination hen houses, or combination chicken houses. Any of the former will also work if you use the shortened form and call them combo coops. Whatever you call them, they are all chicken coops with attached runs, and the runs in our case, have roofs.

Combo Coop Kits are attractive and practical and make a great backyard chicken coop.  The added convenience and security that they offer cannot be understated. These are often the preferred coops for seasoned backyard chicken keepers as well as beginners. They offer the features that let keepers rest easy at night and the convenience that makes chicken keeping tasks, like cleaning the coop, go a little quicker and easier.

Benefits of combination coops. Not the least of which is peace of mind...and can you really even put a price on that?! No, really, the assurance that your chicken run is permanently attached to your coop is something that you will likely come to take for granted until you talk to a friend or acquaintance who has chickens and predator issues. You will not be able to relate to their strife from first hand experience, luckily. You will be grateful for the decision you made to purchase a quality chicken coop, and a chicken coop and run combination no less. Unless you live in a vacuum, your area has natural predators. You may not even know it, or they may not show up until your chicken do. Everybody loves chickens! And it seems, unfortunately, that chickens are pretty much sitting ducks when it comes to natural defenses. If somebody want to eat your chickens and you let them have access...well, you know what is going to happen.

Combination coops with the Predator Protection Package protect predators in three (non-super obvious) ways. 

  1. Keeps pesky raccoons. that are the messiest of chicken destroyers from breaking in through open windows and vents with the Wire Over Windows feature. This feature uses SecureWire™ Super with galvanized wire that is vinyl coated, and has 1/2" x 1/2" openings to protect your backyard hens.
  2. Heavy nesting box lid keeps any animal, again a raccoon comes to mind, from accessing the eggs or coming into the coop through the nest boxes.
  3. SecureWire™ Super with galvanized wire that is vinyl coated, and has 1/2" x 1/2" openings on the run is a barrier against all predators while your hens are outside the coop. As long as they enjoy outside from inside their covered run, they will be safe as can be.
  4. At night, critters that burrow very likely will try to gain access to the coop and run. There is an interesting thing about how these critter's minds work though. They seem to have a short attention span or a trigger that turns them off to burrowing too far without a result. We can, and do, take advantage of that. By putting a skirt of wire - same SecureWire™ Super, around the coop - about 18" out - we keep burrowing predators from getting to your coop. Grass grows through the wire mesh skirt and hides it completely. It is a nice alternative to trenching and burying wire. You can still use that method if you prefer. We are already sending the wire to you and it will work smashingly great for that.

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For the DIY Backyard Chicken Coop Maker & Improver - Options to Make a Chicken Run or a Larger Chicken Pen. Some to add Convenience like the Automatic Chicken Door or Lighting Options. Then there is our innovative Portable Chicken Runs that fold-up neatly. You can move your safe chicken space around in your backyard. As always, we use SecureWire™  on our chicken runs and you can buy it here in rolls. We offer many size options for you to choose from.