A Safe, Comfortable Chicken Coop with a Covered Chicken Run!

Benecoop™ Home & Garden Chicken Coop Kit

Houses 4-8 Chickens

This Coop Has It All - The Chicken Coop with Chicken Run Combination

Combination chicken coops are what this type of model is often called. It combines a covered chicken run with a chicken home or coop. It offers several advantages over a traditional chicken coop with a separate run, and depending on your situation, it could offer drawbacks too.

The advantages of the attached chicken run start with peace of mind because generally speaking, they are safer - especially when you also consider that we include extra safety feature to help protect your flock. The second advantage is more fun than that...it is the extra chicken run space under the coop. The chickens love it. You may find yourself playing games with them hiding there. It is adorable! For the chickens, more than just a fun play area, it is a cooler place to hang out when the sun is hot and it offers protection, if only in the mind of the chicken, when something scares them.

The drawbacks to this type of coop are few. Because of their size and weight, they are difficult to move (though most chicken keepers do rarely actually move their coops). They are typically larger and may not fit into an urban environment. 


Depending on your unique situation and the size of your chickens, this coop could house more or less chickens than we estimate. Please use your own good judgement. Refer to our How Many Chickens? page for more data.

  • 05_how_many_chickens_chicken_illustration_blue_hen_drawing_chart_150x150_v1

    4 Chickens

  • 05_how_many_chickens_chicken_illustration_blue_hen_drawing_chart_150x150_v1

    5 Chickens

  • 05_how_many_chickens_chicken_illustration_blue_hen_drawing_chart_150x150_v1

    6 Chickens

  • 05_how_many_chickens_chicken_illustration_blue_hen_drawing_chart_150x150_v1

    7 Chickens

  • 05_how_many_chickens_chicken_illustration_blue_hen_drawing_chart_150x150_v1

    8 Chickens